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My buddy Amanda Schmidt, who is using Abercrombie & Fitch for a solid calendar year

Back in highschool, we avoided Abercrombie & Fitch like botulism. It appeared like actually everyone else We hated (or about ended up being obligated to tolerate) ended up being dressed tip to tail in this material, also it defined their identification in a way that made my JNCO-clad ass a wee-bit uncomfortable. It is not also that clothes look that bad—I have to admit, I'd definitely destroy a croquet tourney in a Johns Brook Oxford Shirt. My issue with Fitchers ended up being which they had been apparently capable efface each of their racist and homophobic excesses by wearing the things, whilst still being keep that hard-to-nail, dangerous Business yard celebration sheen.

Some time ago, we noticed my buddy Amanda Schmidt was putting on a sensible Abercrombie knit top to some dingy loft celebration. I simply kind of thought it absolutely was ironic and relocated on—she's a musician, performance artist, and zinemaker, so odds are we had been terrorized by the identical folks inside our more youthful and much more susceptible many years. I quickly saw this lady several days later at an event, now displaying a staple A&F hoodie. I inquired this lady what was happening, and she said that she'd chose to wear Abercrombie & Fitch for a solid year as a sort of overall performance art/life project, and had been presently documenting everything on a Tumblr labeled as AbercrombieAndFitchFierce.

To scroll through Amanda's Tumblr should lull yourself into a deep and comfortable sleep: she looks just about the exact same in every image, hardly ever-smiling, rocking the 'Cromb. But a year? A whole 12 months scooting around town in nothing but Abercrombie? We rolled this idea around in my own brain for a couple months. While I've got such a deep-seated prejudice against anyone who wears these items, when you look at the words of LFO, i prefer girls that use Abercrombie & Fitch. I can't make it; it is like Stockholm Syndrome. And so I got over myself and chose to choose the woman brain to figure out exactly what the hell she is performing to herself.

VICE: Hello Amanda. I have been after your Tumblr of Abercrombie pictures for a time today and I think it's the perfect time that We chatted for your requirements about it. Where did this concept originally come from?
Amanda Schmidt: One afternoon final summer time I became walking in Midtown and passed a man putting on an Abercrombie & Fitch shirt. This occurs everyday, but for some reason this example hit myself and I also thought, "Maybe we'll wear Abercrombie & Fitch t-shirts daily for per year." It absolutely was an amusing believed that stuck beside me. I began the task in November of 2012 and called it "Fierce (Untitled), " after the A&F cologne. I like Tehching Hsieh and Linda Montano; their particular durational works are major inspirations for what i am performing. I'll be carrying this out until November of the year.

Exactly what are the variables of what you're attempting to do?
I put on an A&F graphic top and their cologne Fierce every single day. Fierce usually smell you choose up in shop. The t-shirts are all bought brand new. I actually have six T-shirts and three sweatshirts. We often put on non-A&F undershirts or sweatshirts, but any over shirt I put on is button-down or zipper-down so the A&F top is often visible.

To highlight the task, In addition make an effort to maybe not resemble a normal A&F client inside rest of my outfit. Based on several years of extensive industry study, maybe not looking like an A&F consumer requires preventing a variety of signifiers, such as for example thick horizontal stripes, plaid, floral jeans (I happened to be surprised to see these within the store final period), clogs, Uggs, sandals, short denim short pants, your standard tight jean, or any new-looking denim, even, any earth-tones and almost any pattern reminiscent of après-skiwear. In addition stay away from canvas shoes, because all male workers when you look at the leading shop wear them.

I set the shirts with increased alternative dress. What this means is a lot of thrift store material and noisy prints. This juxtaposition is designed to highlight the A&F clothing as a conscious option as opposed to a brand name affiliation or lifestyle standard. Moreover it decontextualizes the clothing and isolates the practice of branding such that it can transcend the specificity of A&F. As you care able to see into the pictures, some outfits tend to be better than other people. I have to rev it up for summer time. In addition want to believe more about my tresses.

So what does Abercrombie represent to you personally, or i assume to your culture at-large?
Abercrombie & Fitch is the king of child shopping center culture, so to me it symbolizes low-brow elitism. In addition associate it with early mornings on Ebony Friday.

Do you put on Abercrombie whenever you were a young child?
My huge adolescent plight was that i needed to wear it but could not afford it. The hierarchy ended up being Abercrombie, American Eagle, Aeropostale, then Hollister exposed. Hollister ended up being so cool so it did not have an indicator outside of the store, but A&F remained the coolest. Perhaps the haze of Fierce has actually some thing related to it. Or perhaps the models.

what forms of garments were you using before you decide to began using only Abercrombie?
On an excellent time, muted. On a normal time, boring. Ebony Urban Outfitters pants and an over-sized monotone top had been my consistent. Which means this has really taken myself far outside my rut.

Has anyone looked at you in a different way, or treated you in a different way than usual, since you started carrying this out?
Specific individuals notice my shirts, and lots of women evil-eye the louder aspects of exactly what else We have on, based on what facet of the outfit is many out-of-context in certain scenario. A few folks have asked what's going on because of the t-shirts, but aside from much more interest, certainly not.

Are you wanting Abercrombie and Fitch to know about you?
Yes! Possibly we can exercise a fiscal sponsorship circumstance. I really hope that my everyday tweets at all of them get some response, or at the very least a free shirt, but thus far nothing yet.

Features this project improved your daily life anyway?
Yes. I have been reading fashion theory for the first time, and it's opened me as much as a whole new globe. And this transformation of my clothes features myself experiencing less self-conscious than previously.

Have you been fed up with it yet?
Never, I'll be sad when it's more than. All dress is inherently a performative option, although not dressing for a particular task anymore would be boring.

You will want to J.Crew or some other brand?
Abercrombie is more common. It's for teenagers, and it's less stylish. J.Crew states, "I'm an expert residing in New york and I also might go boating this weekend." Abercrombie says, "I reside every where and I'm visiting the mall." It says youth. The brand would have to be a middle college throwback. Branding principles in school. Why do this such a long time after my university days? Within my immediate community, folks no further wear companies from center college, but most of the basic population generally seems to. And by otherwise wearing stereotypically "alternative clothing, " i am not only referencing residential district shopping mall tropes but alternative ones also. We're all branding ourselves somehow; it is inevitable. This actually interests myself!

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