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Black Friday deals Verizon

These are perhaps not deals this really is crap.look in other places

3. toiletcleaner

For us ( Verizon clients) are good discounts. for ppl outside verizon aren't. our company is paying top $$ for reasonably limited service. so those are good discounts. I prefer the Moga gaming console

14. JC557

If Moto X's retail cost falls to $400 or $350 I would personally certainly get it seeing as how I have a 25% on phones/ add-ons.

Already got a Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation regarding inexpensive because of said rebate and my commuter case for Droid Razr was quite near being free. Only require a phone... okay not need but want.

5. W.P._Android_in_that_Order

Useless deals. That new 'Verizon Tablet' made by ZTE or anyone who it's looks worthless. I'dn't take it at no cost.

6. Scott93274

The Droid MAXX will be $199 on contract on Ebony Friday? Which has been the price when it comes to phone for longer than a month today. How is that a sale???

7. JerryTime

It was the cost of the device after $100 MIR. The device are going to be $199 before MIR not $299, on black Friday.

8. Scott93274

Umm... no, we see nothing about a mail in rebate because of this phone.

11. johnriii

i'm a verizon consumer, and absolutely nothing right here makes me wish I would have waited.

12. Three2One

Im Verizon customer, and my sales at sams club are killing these. GS4 are going to be .96¢

13. 9thWonderful

Droid Maxx is already $ mail-in rebate required as well as the Droid Ultra currently becoming $99.99 now. really the only deal seems to be that Elipsis 7 tablet which can be free w/2 year act & the offer on any 10" Samsung tablet for $299.99 nonetheless it only says Tab 2 10.1 & not the Note 10.1.

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