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Calm, Good software program. Posted by: petridish38 from: Gainesville, Florida on i have already been applying this drive as a back-up drive (Microsoft windows 10 File record) for almost four weeks without issue. For me the application (if you're some body use it) is preferable to Seagate. This drive can also be peaceful. What I dislike is that this drive is certainly not designed to be placed horizontally (on its part). That is most likely for ventilation factors as heat need a harder time escaping on its part. Even when I put it vertically (standing up), the drive got quite hot while in procedure (upwards of 110-115 degrees F). Sure there are debates that this particular temperature won't lead to early failure. I am going to leave that your responsibility. I am just saying the thing I observe. I must say I wished to place this drive on its side therefore I attached my personal rubberized legs aside to raise it well my work desk which lowers vibration sounds and increases ventilation under the product. In addition purchased a small USB lover that i personally use to cool off the product. The fan might be somewhat overkill, so feel free to do what you would like along with your drive.

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Deals with Xbox One published by: RaidBoss from: on user friendly. I opened the container, linked it into Xbox One, it asked for to format the drive. Once total, I had 4TB of outside disk drive area needlessly to say. I have not seen any lag or speed reduction when playing complete games off of this drive. I would recommend for increasing consol HDD area.

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Perfect for extra storage space Posted by: colero from: on we required extra space for my iTunes library back at my iMac and also this drive worked perfectly. It is not the fastest drive, however it is over quickly sufficient for iTunes and it is hard to overcome the purchase price for 4TB. The drive enclosure is a lot bigger than "portable" USB drives, and you also would not want to make it around in your new laptop bag, however it is a lot small enough for desktop computer use. This drive is an excellent solution to include storage space to your Mac (it works eventually Machine too).

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Great published by: cjptll from: on I bought this to make use of as a period device backup on my Mac. The box says that it can be applied with a Mac however it has to be reformatted. It absolutely wasn't very that easy. The Mac would not recognize it anyway, but after investigating the matter, i came across that I'd to begin up with the disk that included my Mac, and employ Disk energy to format AND compose zeros towards the entire disk (to get rid of the pre-installed Windows backup computer software). For a 4TB drive, that took the full day. After the drive ended up being formatted for Mac, it worked good.

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Detrimental to XBOX One Posted by: MeMe from: on i got myself this in Dec 2015 as a Christmas gift for myself as an outside storage space for my XBOX One. I purchase each of my games Digitally The 4TB dimensions helped when you look at the proven fact that I could hold all of my games on hand rather than re-downloading all of them. The fist month it worked completely, after that my games started crashing. Interestingly it happened slowly, one crash weekly, after that almost every other day, day-after-day, until I couldn't access my games at all.I was thinking my XBOX had died but every online game which was on actual system worked. I'm not sure basically got a DUD WD or if perhaps it absolutely was dropped in warehouse but i've had far better success using 5TB Seagate. Thank goodness the defense plan! Sweet, fast additional storage Posted by: danak from: on This is my 4th exterior HD by Western Digital; my very first 4TB drive. I previously purchased a Seagate 3TB exterior HD, which worked really until one-day is just ended. Program suddenly won't recognize it. Hard drive crash! Used a number of repairs, even attempted changing the circuit board - absolutely nothing worked. Information recovery would price me personally very nearly $2, 000 (no kidding), therefore I'll must begin rebuilding my data from scrape. I've had WD additional HDs fail before, but it turned-out it was the program, perhaps not the disks by themselves. We eliminated the HD from its enclosure, hooked it to an EZ-Connect, and information recovery had been easy. Not so because of the Seagate. So, Lesson-Learned: Stay with West Digital.

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Western Digital 4TB exterior hard disk drive published by: Stew from: Fayetteville, NY on Now own five of these exemplary hard drives (of varying capacities). These are generally very easy to put in (I hope everybody else checks out the instructions for the first set up, you will need never ever do it again!). Plug the info cable in to the drive and into a USB 3.0 interface (it'll work in a USB 2.0 interface, but you will lose some speed). Plug the electrical cord to the drive, after that into an electric sourse. I always use a buffered or elsewhere safeguarded energy sourse. MICROSOFT WINDOWS (I prefer WIN 7) does the rest. Im please with this particular and all for the WB our Book drives i've purched. great add-on when it comes to xbox one published by: William from: with this additional hard disk does every thing I wanted! Published by: gltoo from: Oceanside, CA on we considered a few companies and sizes to execute periodic backups on a number of our PC's home so not to be therefore at risk of the CryptoLocker trojan. I didn't want something that must operate continuously given that it would-be at risk of exactly the same style of attack. This product, and its particular integrated pc software, will independently save all the data in the drives of a few family members Computer's. Proper it comes time for you perform a follow-up, plug it in direct it to the exact same PC's files and within a half time roughly it offers brought its data updated with an increase of current data or new files which were included. Something i've plumped for to test has always been there and offered. Undoubtedly a CryptoLocker attack can happen between a refresh cycle but far better to loose several brand-new files than to be held ransom for everything you've got! I am actually satisfied with the 4TB west Digital My Book product.

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Put in corner and ignore. Posted by: JimmyWD from: on I bought this exterior HDD to continuously develop a back-up of my pictures as I load them in from my camera as well as when I edit them. In addition backup the database that I use to handle my photos. I just put it in a corner of my desk and disregard it until I need to recover a file that get erased or lost. I had a bad knowledge about Buffalo NAS and decided WD due to the good reviews and quick speed. We have a really slow web connection so cloud back-up actually possible and making use of my system drive just isn't fast sufficient.

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