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Mercifully, the Mervyn's chain features stated personal bankruptcy. It is simply a matter period before this place shutters. When I initially heard that news, i really couldn't hold-back my large smile. Eliminating this department store from the Los Cerritos Center will dramatically replace the mall's landscape and certainly will turn back those whom shop at Mervyn's.

I never liked this shop. It constantly smelled funny. My father made a pointed comment it was since it was a department shop that did not have a fragrance department. Besides, this store never ever went through a renovation in every my life, so naturally it's going to look and smell old.

The shell of the department store is an ugly maroon tile that is visible from the 605 Freeway. When I pass by, we state a prayer to Allah, Black Jesus, Ronald Reagan, Krishna and Buddha that this location will turn off. And finally, He listened.

The shopping center administration was on a promotion to create in more higher-end retail (and redevelop older people), that will be far more resistant into good and the bad of the retail market. Because if you are rich, you're probably going to weather the hard times but still be wealthy during and after the economy recovers.

The store is two stories of mainly inexpensive clothing and accessories. When I overlook on the path to Nordstrom, it's my job to look in in terms of a person's eye is able to see, and I also really don't take a liking to the undeniable fact that indications in tend to be bilingual for factors imaginable. The complete destination has a swapmeet feel to it besides and may not be positioned right here.

Once more, thanks President Bush for taking in these crisis, the fresh fruits of your poor financial guidelines, like ridding my town of old, crummy shops like Mervyletter's, tend to be finally manifesting themselves much to my (and a complete town's) chagrin.

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The newly remodeled Valley Fair Mall will open at midnight Black Friday and will stay open until 10 p.m. Giveaways throughout the night include cash and flat screen TVs, and overnight shoppers can also register for a chance to win $10,000 on Saturday. Valley Fair mall is also providing a break room for kids and dads, with movies and popcorn. West Valley City will not be having a Santa parade as in years past.

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