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The Jos. A. Bank and Mens Warehouse pacman like party fascinates me. These are companies I don't very get attempting to sell products I do not wish. However the companies have actually amazingly large valuations plus in Jos. A. Bank's (JOSB's) case business appears extremely consistent and remarkably profitable.

I inquired my visitors doing some due-diligence for me personally, using photographs of JOSB shops within the Black Friday product sales. I acquired straight back a tiny, biased sample. Most my visitors (with a value-manager exemption noted below) aren't the type of people that browse there. A typical response I got had been this:

This [with attached photos] may be the Jos Bank store in the Galleria Mall in Ft Lauderdale, FL. I started taking photos and so they asked the reason why I became doing it. Tried to use the front from both edges and from the escalator so you have an idea, took photos of racks and rates, hope it helps. This was Black Friday 7:30 pm, I became really the only individual within the store. Some other folks stated which they had been the "only individual inside store". And yet JOSB reported within their conference call that their particular product sales on the Black Friday duration were great. Here is a direct quote from their particular final conference telephone call:
We're particularly satisfied with our strong sales in few days 4 of November including Thanksgiving and Black Friday, and also the first week of December to date which includes Cyber Monday. Clients actually taken care of immediately our mixture of fresh and timely item choices, powerful door-buster rates and powerful values for the store. And we also reached these powerful product sales without deterioration when you look at the efficiency of our marketing and advertising spending and without a deterioration of your gross margin of profit price. Even because of the requirements of retail marketing there is double-talk right here. The company comes with "door-buster prices" but it addittionally has nine months of inventory, one thing they justify on the foundation that a broad offering is an aggressive advantage hence men's style changes slowly. "Fresh and prompt product offerings" isn't some thing we keep company with JOSB. Nor is "fresh and timely" in line with JOSB's accounts. As well as the sales are not "door busters" if the seeming absence of customers is anything to go by.

Whatever: JOSB generally seems to work. For years they have had great sales from lightly trafficked shops. Certainly Vitaly Katsenelson (somebody We make a place of reading) features commented about it before. This can be from 2008 (at level associated with crisis). Vitaly made a pile of income from the stock:

Once I think about the Jos. A. Bank (JOSB), i believe of Yogi Berra’s saying “Nobody goes truth be told there because it is also crowded.” Just when it comes to JOSB, it appears like this: “EVERYBODY goes here because it is NOT crowded.” Because so many men just who shop there may attest, you are lucky to see and number of clients shop at any given time. Nonetheless, it seems that JOSB operates in an exceedingly various economic climate and there's an amazing disconnect between its performance this season while the other countries in the economy and also other stores. JOSB reported 3rd quarter numbers day or two ago in addition they had been stellar also by an excellent economic climate’s criteria. They certainly were really amazing given that bad double-digit same-store sales for merchants became typical. JOSB reported same store product sales of 7percent for the quarter (the company doesn’t report monthly figures any longer). Total product sales were up 13.7%. Running profits before fees were up 20.3percent. Cash was up year-over-year, and stock growth lagged product sales. Each metric was simply beautiful. And Vitaly does shop at JOSB - and proudly reveals me personally his cheap suits. He obviously uses a pile of cash without achieving sartorial elegance. [Still he made decent money regarding the stock and I also would simply take that more than a significant manner sense any day...]

Certainly one of JOSB's tricks may be they maintain the typical admission per client high through getting them to buy several suits and multiple connections and tops simultaneously using their "buy-one-get-three-free" marketing. Increased average solution implies you could have lots of product sales however many clients.

[Contra: selling three fits at the same time would will fill many males's closets. In many houses the spouse has actually 3 to 5 times the holding space of husband. Six suits would fill mine forever. Its difficult to get return consumers when their particular closet is already filled with clothing.]

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I can't find them anywhere and it is supposed to be a black friday deal at office depot. I'd like to know more about the processor ect... but all I can find is 3gb ram and 160gb hard drive!

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