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Black Friday may be the just Residence web site showcased in DLC Lifeline. It serves as the forward running base (FOB) when it comes to U.S Military in Danforth and extraction point for civilians in addition to high-interest personnels worth focusing on.

The ball player assumes control of your home web site after arriving here for the first time, plus it is not abandoned.

Location and Environs

Black Friday-Facilities

The bottom's condition after the player techniques in

The beds base is found on Tyron Plaza former, inside Thornhill Square region at south-west area of Danforth.


The beds base has 7 pre-built services:

Watch Towers' purpose is replaced by two Guard Posts and 1 building roof. (These are maybe not presented as home-site center slots, and should not be interacted with.)

Besides, Black Friday features 4 exterior center slots, 2 parking slot machines and 6 Outpost slots (or 8 with Sat-Comms).

Base storage space capacity

Note: this is actually the capacity after the integrated Supply Room is fixed up.

  • Regarding the Barracks wall there's a poster using the link . This alludes to your real-life program to deliver video games to US troops in combat areas and recuperating in army hospitals.
  • "Illegitimi Non Carborundum Mors Ad Te Venit" armed forces motto tend to be posted as of this FOB. "Illegitimi Non Carborundum" is a humorous mock-Latin phrase definition "Don't let the bastards grind you down."
  • In line with the dialog, the bottom is nicknamed Black Friday by people in Greyhound one, who discover the zombie hordes similar to clients squeezing in shops during a Black Friday sale. Also, according to Vienna Cho, Ebony Friday is located in the old mall strip, which is often another concept of its title.

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