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Understand this Map! greater part of Wal-Mart's Closed In 'Conservative, Southern shows' - even more Proof Martial Law, FEMA Camps & Total Collapse within our not too distant future?

Last year across some south says in the usa, a few Wal Mart stores had been all of a sudden power down for 'plumbing problems' so when no plumbing work permits were found being drawn also 'oddities' surfaced surrounding the closings of these shops, conspiracy ideas sprung up almost straight away. Believed by some that shops were becoming converted into 'processing facilities' for the 'rounding up' people patriots and 'red listers', other individuals thought we had been only witnessing a 'practice run' for 'real thing' in the future at several other instant. The very first movie below takes a review of that theory which 'other instant' that may be today. Newly circulated by ETprepper, the video clip is named "Wal Mart shop Closings And FEMA Camps: Economic Collapse And Martial Law Soon?"

With Friday's statement of 154 Wal Mart shops across America being power down, if we include Wal Mart Express, Supercenter's and local Markets, all owned by Wal Mart, we see an absolutely astounding quantity of shops closed in southern states in comparison to northern says as noticed in the maps within tale. Record below cannot range from the shops in Puerto Rico nor Sam's groups becoming closed - for a total of 143 shops. The store closing record is broken down as such.:

9 stores in Alabama, 1 store in Alaska, 11 shops in Arkansas, 9 in California, 2 in Colorado, 1 in Connecticut, 3 in Florida, 7 in Georgia, 9 in Kansas, 2 in Illinois, 8 in Louisiana, 1 in Maryland, 1 in Michigan, 4 in Missouri, 6 in Mississippi, 1 in Nevada, 1 in Ohio, 2 in Oregon, 17 in new york, 6 in Oklahoma, 3 in South Carolina, 5 in Tennessee, 29 in Tx, 1 in West Virginia, and 4 in Wisconsin.

WALMARTCLOSINGS4.jpgexactly why are numerous Wal Marts being turn off in southern states? If we look at the record above, 130 for the 143 areas in america could be considered 'south says whenever we consider California, Colorado and Nevada 'southerletter'. The reason why would nearly 91per cent associated with shuttered shops maintain those says, states in addition largely considered politically 'Conservative'? Compare the map below from the left showing south states to your map below regarding right showing north says; why these types of a huge distinction? You can check out of the full interactive Zeemaps chart of Wal Mart closings embedded in the bottom with this story.

Can it be also only a coincidence that 2015's 'Jade Helm' unique causes 'exercises' had been being held across a lot of exact same says with Tx figured prominently in both 'Jade Helm' and the large numbers of shop closings seen in the maps above and below? Though some will argue vociferously that nothing arrived on the scene of 'Jade Helm', the simple fact continues to be, 91percent of this Wal Mart shops being power down within the next weeks are in says maybe not also keen on the Barack Obama federal government and says where governor's and sheriffs have informed of municipal war if Obama attemptedto illegally disarm the United states people.

The reason why have actually they shut plenty stores in Tx? 29 Wal Mart stores in Texas are being turn off including Supercenter's and local Markets. Is it only a coincidence that Tx Governor Gregory Abbott has-been so outspoken towards national government over his management's complete disdain of the US Constitution, however the supreme human anatomy of legislation into the land?

Utilizing the current statement by Judicial Check out that Arab smuggling cells occur in Mexico and they are most likely delivering ISIS terrorists up into The united states via those means we have to ask, will these recently vacant shops be create to be processing facilities for ISIS terrorists in the usa? Or, will these vacant stores be establish, utilizing most of the knowledge gained final summer, as handling centers for 'red listers' and US patriots whom the us government can be involved may someday wish become involved in a 'civil war' up against the 'new globe order'?

We in addition have a look below during the Wal Mart closing chart in the left set alongside the 2012 election map off to the right.

Walmart Express shops tend to be marked with blue icons; Wal-Mart shops: purple; Supercenter stores: purple; location Market shops: green; Amigo shops: yellowish; Sam’s Club shops: orange

While ANP has reached when unable to verify for sure that this theory is true, it bears viewing given that we are inside last stages of failure and so numerous have actually warned of civil war and terrorism in America.

The movies below have a look at the Wal Mart store closings from political leaders responses when you look at the 2nd video below, the Dollar Vigilante discusses the current state associated with the economic climate in third movie and in the 1st video, our videographer requires if a few of these closings tend to be tied to FEMA camps, martial law additionally the forthcoming failure of your economic climate. Within the last movie below, we see the unusual importance of the quantity '69' recently utilizing the fatalities of David Bowie, Alan Rickman and unfolding demonic agenda we're today seeing in the usa.

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