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Incredible bargain Posted by: K4KW from: Atlanta, GA on I hardly ever do reviews but I'd to in this case. These headphones have now been produced for many years. There is reasons for that. These headsets get consistently good reviews. There's a reason for that, also. I do voiceover work, audiobooks mostly as well as the periodic radio spot. These earphones are not colored (unlike Beats that are extremely bass heavy) just what exactly you hear is a superb representation of what's becoming recorded. They are additionally ideal for enjoying songs. As I stated, they don't slim one-way or even the other, they're precise representations of what the sound engineers wished you to hear.

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Great Headphones! Published by: ALL4SPL from: Orlando, FL on So after three years my Sony DJ series headphones broke, and I also in the morning not merely one against alter so I seemed outside only Sony to many other companies and found this set. Again we achieved out to some of my buddies into the Music industry and found different views but not one of them had a poor thing to say about Sennheiser as a whole. Therefore with that in mind we put down performing even more analysis and found a few other individuals had excellent viewpoints of the headsets. Quality of sound is fantastic, consider these are earphones they are not gonna reproduce sound plus state a studio monitor. They usually have a rather clean sound with a good level of bass. It isn't overpowering in the low-frequency range which is great. They truly are excellent at maintaining away sound around me personally while hearing music or gaming. Easily had to choose one bad thing, the cable is a tad quick for my preferences but that should not discourage any person from these. Overall time will inform if these turn out to be just like they seem now but i've self-confidence they'll be a fantastic collection of headsets and would suggest all of them to any person seeking good group of headphones for gaming/music or fundamental processing.

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WOW!! Great sound, great cost - Nice Cans! Posted by: MrHonest from: Lakewood Ranch, FL on my goal is to compose this review how I like to review reviews - quick and nice also to the point. The cost is awesome considering you are getting a good collection of headsets made by outstanding company, they seem awesome (especially when additional energy is tossed at all of them - not only an ipod or mp3 player), they're comfortable (we put them on 5-8 hours straight and may go longer), and they are not going to break from every day usage like another headphones that are priced at three times much more (cannot think Dre would put his name on that product). These headphones will not let you down - if they do, return all of them.

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Finest in the Price number Posted by: AnonOmous123 from: Rocklin, CA on Sennheiser has an excellent history of good services and products, nevertheless I understand, similar to German companies, they often sound great on ancient, jazz, light stone, aka little bass due to the fact music is dominated by mids and highs. To my REALLY nice surprise, the headphones carry a good bass reaction to them without mudding down the mids or sharp highs. These were 70 in-store, which will be a great worth, espec. when compared to 80 Sony's touting the greatest bass knowledge, which left me questioning whether Sony testers comprehended bass, but that's an entire different topic. Important thing, they are great headsets, and absolutely the most effective in-stores, possibly with or behind the AE2 or the Dre Series, that are double or triple the cost. These are also very comfortable simply because they exert almost no strain on the ear, this really is the only real fault included. They exert therefore little force that a perfect seal is not developed that causes a small music drip on surrounding. For $70, these are an incredible purchase, and really worth the additional 20 throughout the stylish head candy's.

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A Value published by: artofpeace from: Harrisburg, PA on General Observations: - I read reviews where men and women state the cord is too quick. We disagree. - The earmuffs do a good task of isolating noise without having to be noise-cancelling. - men and women have complained that the bass is substandard. Once again, I disagree. Bass capabilities aren't bad. - for convenience, everybody's head is different. Mine is form of huge but I am able to wear these for a few hours without attempting to take them off. I mainly got them for playing mp3's and sometimes playing game titles, for which, it works great. For my programs, I wasn't willing to break that $300 level. If you should be wanting a great pair of headphones that will not hurt you wallet, I quickly think you will end up happy.

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Amazing earphones published by: Kittens123 from: on firstly, someone on here has no clue whatever they're dealing with. I acquired these to mix real time noise and used in the studio. I also make use of the whenever hearing my ipod during the night. They're probably the most comfortable headsets I've ever before used. There;s reasons why they may be perhaps one of the most utilized pair of headsets in professional Audio. Overall, they have been a great couple of mobile phones. The one thing I would like is an instance or pouch to carry them in. oh well, they're great!

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What are some tips for buying a Walmart refurbished TV? - Quora

Refurbished is a very broad term. It can be a unit that was returned to the store because the customer did not like it; it can be a display model; or a unit with a minor scratch.  Typically, they are covered with full warranty. 
There is no particular "tip." See if there is a cosmetic defect and if you are OK with it, buy it!

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