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Blackfriday is a Markdown processor implemented in get. It life on github, and you'll discover extra information about this:

Blackfriday-tool is an example command-line device that uses blackfriday to process markdown feedback. It offers a total exemplory instance of how to use blackfriday in a spin project.

Here is the assistance message the device:

Blackfriday Markdown Processor v1.1 offered by under the Simplified BSD License See website for details Usage: ./blackfriday-tool [options] [inputfile [outputfile]] Alternatives: -cpuprofile=: Write cpu account to a file -css=: backlink to a CSS stylesheet (implies -page) -fractions=true: Use improved small fraction principles for smartypants -latex=false: Generate LaTeX result instead of HTML -latexdashes=true: utilize LaTeX-style dash rules for smartypants -page=false: Generate a standalone HTML page (implies -latex=false) -repeat=1: Process the input numerous times (for benchmarking) -smartypants=true: employ smartypants-style substitutions -toc=false: create a table of items (suggests -latex=false) -toconly=false: produce a table of items just (implies -toc) -xhtml=true: Use XHTML-style tags in HTML production

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What time does Forever 21 open on Black Friday? | Yahoo Answers

yeah so what time does it open? and will there be good sales there? thanks!

Well I checked on my ipod on the mobile site for Forever 21 and it says "most stores open at midnight on fri, nov 25" sooo go check and if not then come back later!(: yur welcome

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