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Guest editorial by Rev. Irene Monroe With this June??s historic Supreme legal ruling ?? Obergefell v. Hodge ?? that legalized same-sex marriage in every 50 states numerous white LGBTQ businesses nationwide are questioning what you should do next. Last month the Harvard Alumni Association and the Harvard Gender & Sexuality Caucus obtained the gauntlet […]
Commentary by Callie Crossley Callie Crossley had been a producer for iconic documentary show ??Eyes from the Prize: America??s civil-rights many years, ?? which obtained her an Oscar nomination, a nationwide Emmy, additionally the Alfred I. DuPont-Columbia Award. We were collected around a weather beaten table on a single associated with top flooring of a nondescript red […]
Guest commentary by Callie Crossley It happened on an ordinary road on a regular Saturday mid-day in waning days of summertime. In just a few days the country will mark the one-year anniversary associated with killing of Michael Brown– a typical teen whoever demise sparked an extraordinary protest. And a unique chapter in US […]
Guest editorial by Rev. Irene Monroe Like numerous African American ladies, myself included, Sandra Bland??s death, resulting from police brutality just isn't brand-new news. The national interest it??s receiving is, but. The reality of unarmed African US women becoming outdone, profiled, intimately violated and murdered by law enforcement officials with alarming regularity is just too […]
Guest editorial by Emmett G. cost, III since the confederate fight banner has been effectively taken from the sc State House can we make contact with the true work of repairing our fractured, fragmented and frayed country? Although Sc??s senate effortlessly cleared the 2/3 majority with a 37-3 vote in support of […]
Guest editorial by Rev. Irene Monroe For some time now, my spouse and I have already been bickering over where we have to live in our pension many years. She, being a child from South, and myself, becoming from North, really, we have our tensions. We have jokingly dubbed them our ??Mason-Dixon range feud.?? We Have Been […]
Guest editorial by Rev. Irene Monroe When news smashed that President Obama utilized the n-word throughout the podcast interview ??WTF with Marc Maron?? about The united states??s racial history, it caused shock waves. We Have Been surprised because many of us are confused on when ?? when ?? there clearly was an appropriate context to utilize the […]
Guest editorial by Emmett G. cost inside shadow of this murder of El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X), the Selma to Montgomery march and escalating racial tensions through the entire nation, a significant report, The Negro Family: the actual situation for nationwide Action ended up being shared in minimal number inside the Johnson Administration. Authored by Daniel Patrick Moynihan, […]
Guest editorial by Kevin C. Peterson Though it might probably sound counter-intuitive, this Black background period is an event to reflect on the need of arming the authorities with human body digital cameras. As present history features painfully taught us, there was an urgent should dispel all ambiguity surrounding the murder of black colored guys by regional legislation […]

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How Much Is 50'' Flat Screen TV On Black Friday? | Yahoo Answers

I never go out on Black Friday, I leave all that up to my mom and aunts :)
so I don't know the prices.
So how much would a 50", say a Samsung, flat screen tv cost
at Wal-Mart on Black Oregon? (no sales tax)

so I don't know the prices.
So how much would a 50", say a Samsung, flat screen tv cost
at Wal-Mart on Black Oregon? (no sales tax)

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