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Black Friday Table saw

Dewalt DW745 Table SawA few individuals have inquired about whether you will find worthwhile table saw discounts for Black Friday this current year. I have run into two, and are wishing that you dudes leaves opinions about other particularly discounted prices that you look for.

Generally speaking, i do believe you’ll only see Ebony Friday discounts on lightweight dining table saws, and not bigger stationary saws. Just because these saws are lightweight, doesn’t suggest you can’t or shouldn’t use them in your home workshop.

Don’t forget that most portable table saws, miter saws, and other benchtop, corded, or cordless saws frequently come with general purpose starter blades. You’ll probably need plan for a greater high quality knife, at the very least at some time. I’d purchase good knife at precisely the same time as a saw, just with the knife it comes with to make sure the saw is initiated, calibrated, and working precisely.

It’s too early to know whether or not the deals talked about here will be much better on or just around Black Friday 2015, but they’re undoubtedly at their vacation sale prices currently.

Dewalt DW745

It’s exact, it is plenty powerful, and a couple of years ago Dewalt updated it with a new larger ripping capacity. Dewalt has some new dining table saws out on the market, but none only at that cost.

Bosch GTS1031 Portable Table SawThe DW745 is a discount at 9. It’s been this cost for a while, but shops (primarily Home Depot) ask them to packed and promoted as a special purchase. I think that Dewalt might fundamentally just produce and sell these during holiday months, but I don’t genuinely believe that’s occurred yet.

All of that said, never get it yet. It *might* qualify for Dewalt’s yearly vacation $25 off $100 or comparable discount, and this past year Dewalt actually slashed the purchase price in mid-December to clean out continuing to be saws as quickly as they are able to. I might wait at the least until the vacation promo has gone out, to see if $25 discount pertains, before purchasing one.

Improve: Nope, the $25 off $100+ discount cannot apply to this dining table saw.

Buy today(via Amazon)
Buy Today(via Home Depot)

Craftsman dining table Saw Sears Ebony Friday 2015 offerBosch GTS1031

I was truly hoping your Bosch Reaxx dining table saw could be out-by now, nonetheless it seemingly have been delayed, potentially by SawStop’s suit.

Bosch’s off 0 holiday rebate doesn’t knock such a thing from the 9 vacation cost, which can be a pity. I’ve seen reduced prices with this saw prior to, but hey – 9 is better than $399, appropriate?


Over at Sears, their 10″ table saw and stand combo is for sale for $290 in stores, and also less internet based – I’m witnessing a current price of $273. You might order internet based for in-store pickup, or residence distribution.

This indicates to possess decent reviews, as well as some good functions including the included stand, extending work help wings, and a dirt collection case. In addition it has actually a laser assistance system (yuck).

Ridgid R4513 Dining Table Saw with Folding Roller Stand

Ridgid’s R4513 lightweight dining table saw with roller stand has dropped to its typical getaway price of 9. It views solid reading user reviews year-round, and thus it'sn’t a “holiday special.”

Ridgid R4513 Portable Table Saw with Roller StandMy regional Home Depot features many of these in stock – 14 of those – so perhaps there will be another discount or Black Friday discount.

Enhance: This transportable table saw is reported to be on sale for $299 on Black Friday. (Ridgid Ebony Friday 2015 Device Deals)

Ridgid features another lightweight table saw, the R4516, which popped up a few years ago for sale, after which it appeared a year ago once more, for $199. It appears that this saw is a “special buy” that just seems during the christmas.

Update: This saw will likely be available for sale, on line only, for $199.

Did You Find A Bit Of Good Deals?

Bosch’s GTS1031 ($349 via Amazon) may be discounted in 2010, or possibly Bosch’s annual holiday discount will use, or maybe both things may happen. Upgrade: Nope, it seems such as the Bosch saw is fixed at $349 right now.

Exactly the same might-be true for their 4100 dining table saw, which can be hugely popular, but we don’t think so. That’s not a DIYer or woodworker table saw, because of its greater price and much more jobsite-friendly stand. Equivalent could be stated concerning the above Ridgid, nonetheless it has a $100 rebate today, that we don’t believe i've ever seen in the Bosch 4100 or Dewalt’s upper end jobsite saws.

You will find bound to be several $100 to $150 lightweight dining table saw deals, but we usually don’t have much trust inside their quality.

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