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Whether you employ this document as a guide when things have difficult or as a road chart to get you from starting to end, we’re confident you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for right here.

This document contains a whole anxiety for Sale: your house on Black River game walkthrough featuring annotated screenshots from real game play!

Hopefully you discover these details useful as you perform the right path through the game. Use the walkthrough menu below to quickly jump to whatever phase associated with the game you want assistance with.

This walkthrough was made by Laurie Murphy, and is protected under United States the laws of copyright. Any unauthorized usage, including re-publication entirely or in part, without permission, is purely prohibited.

General Tips

  • This is basically the official guide for Fear obtainable: your house on Ebony River.
  • This guide does not mention each time you need zoom into a location; the screenshots reveal each zoom scene.
  • Hidden-object puzzles are known as HOPs. This guide doesn't show screenshots regarding the HOPs, but is mentioned whenever a HOP can be acquired in addition to stock item obtained.
  • Make use of the Map traveling rapidly to an area.

Chapter 1: The Ranch Home

  • Take the Chart (A).
  • Open up the crate, see the report, uncover and take the COOKIE and CAT COLLAR (B).
  • Supply the COOKIE (C).
  • Have fun with the HOP (D); accept WIRE.
  • Use the GARDEN GNOME (E) and BROOM (F).
  • Touch the doorbell (G). Utilize the WIRE (H). Touch the doorbell.
  • Walk forward.
  • Speak to the girl plus the guy.
  • Touch the lumber 3x (we). Use the PANEL PART (J).
  • Take the GNOME CAP (K).
  • Find the doll (L). Have Fun With The MINI-HOP to obtain SONIA’S DOLL.
  • Make the MAGAZINE (M).
  • Make the BRACELET (N).
  • Touch the lover (O).
  • Use the EYE (P).
  • Take the SLINGSHOT BASE (Q).
  • Use the BROOM (R). Touch the painting.
  • Select (S) for a problem (T).

  • Solution (U1-U2). 1-26.
  • Take the note and MAILBOX KEY (V).
  • Walk-down 2x.
  • Take CUPID’S ARROW (W).
  • Make use of the MAILBOX KEY (X).
  • Open and use the letter, HAIRPIN and BALL OF YARN (Y).
  • Put the CAT COLLAR, EYE and BALL OF YARN (Z).
  • Simply take HARRY’S PORTRAIT additionally the LENS (A).
  • Utilize the HAIRPIN (B).
  • Have fun with the HOP (C) for a BOW.
  • Combine the BOW and CUPID’S ARROW for CUPID’S BOW (stock).
  • Put CUPID’S BOW (D).
  • Simply Take MARTIN’S PORTRAIT (E).
  • Walk down.
  • Combine the OUTDOORS GNOME and GNOME CAP to just take LISA’S PORTRAIT (Inventory).
  • Solution (G).
  • Enter Alex’s Studio.
  • Raise the blinds (H).
  • Make the HOODED FIGURE (I).
  • Choose The phone (J) for a MINI-HOP; accept JACK’S CRACKED PHONE.
  • Destination SONIA’S DOLL (@).
  • Take the record album (K).
  • Solution (L1-L2).
  • Make the BOX (M).
  • Open up the MAG (Inventory) take the note and MALE FIGURE.
  • Put the MALE and HOODED FIGURES (O).
  • Select and stroll appropriate.
  • Discover and take the RED GLASS BALL and SUSPENDERS (P).
  • Combine the SLINGSHOT BASE and SUSPENDERS for a SLINGSHOT (Inventory).
  • Place the SLINGSHOT for a MINI-HOP (Q).
  • Aim and capture the SLINGSHOT (R).
  • Use the SCREWDRIVER (S).
  • Open and use the SARAH’S PICTURE and SYMBOLS (T).
  • Use the SCREWDRIVER (U); make the FRIDGE HANDLE (V).
  • Come back to the Guest Area.
  • Position the SARAH’S PICTURE (W) and select (X).
  • Solution (Y1-Y2). Ax2-B-Cx4-Dx2-Ex3-F.
  • Pick (A). Simply take A BATTERY PACK and RUNE (B).
  • Go back to Alex’s Studio.
  • Position the LENS and POWER (C) to trigger a HOP (D). Receive a NECKLACE.
  • Walk down 2x, after that appropriate.
  • Place the BRACELET (E) and NECKLACE (F). Use the HAMMER and COIL OF ROPE (G).
  • Place and select the ICE BOX HANDLE (H).
  • Make the HAM (We).
  • Give the HAM (J).
  • Open up the gate; go forward.

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